Soloo Doloo

The man in black he rides alone to a Final Destination Unknown.


being high or drunk in public like

imagethey know”

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Don’t let them get to you. They can’t pull the trigger if you don’t hand them gun.

Reblog if your Tumblr picture is actually you.

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Don’t fuck up.

Btw. I swear I better not let my 3.89 GPA drop or I’ll somehow get a time machine and beat my ass in the future. I need those scholarships for me to study abroad next year. Plus out of state tuition is no joke. Keep your shit together. 

Sophomore Year Brehhhhhhh

Wow. Just read through all the posts I made throughout my freshman year. Surrreal I move down to college again tomorrow to embark on sophomore year! I have a feeling I got what it takes to get where I want to go. I have to keep reminding myself that I am there for myself. I can’t let anything jeopardize where I see myself heading. On a cooler note, I can’t fucking wait to party and turn tf up… Summer was a recovery vacation that I’m ready to move on from already. CARPE DIEM!